The European Commission has announced a €10 billion programme.

The European Commission has recently announced a new programme worth 10 billion euros to support green energy technologies. This new financial package, which will support the development of low-carbon innovation and has a broad scope in terms of incentives to promote measures and technologies that lead to an improvement in the health and prosperity of Europeans with an immediate impact on their lives.

The aim is to help create models that are beneficial for people, such as the increase in green jobs, improved energy efficiency of households, with the consequent reduction of energy bills and cleaner air, in addition to better efficiency of public transport systems in cities and safer forms of energy supply.

The European Commission thus hopes to ensure that Europe remains at the top of the list when it comes to patents on clean technologies. Continuing to lead in order to ensure competitive advantage is the goal, which will enable Europe to reap the benefits of this leadership by exporting products, technology and sustainable business models.


Source: Edifícios e Energia magazine