About Us

Who we are

Clima Positivo Lda. is a company founded in November 2009. We have accumulated experience and growth in the climatization and HVAC installation market. We install air conditioning, central heating and ventilation equipment. We guarantee the maintenance of the various climatization systems and components. We are a certified company for the activities of installation, maintenance and technical assistance in fixed refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and heat pumps, installation of pipelines, hydraulic lines and electricity. Headquartered in Barcelos, Clima Positivo is a reference in the region for the quality of its services. In 2016, the company began the internationalization process and the affiliate SAS Clima Positivo was founded in France. With intervention in the same area of work as the mother house, SAS Clima Positivo has carried out large-scale works for local partners, both in the industrial and domestic segment.


Ensuring a service of high quality and safety, be present in important projects, events and challenges, with quality, reliability of product and service, with customer satisfaction and contributing with our know-how to positive solutions for our customers and the environment.


Clima Positivo wants to assert itself as a reference and first choice for customers looking for a supplier of HVAC and climatization installation services. We are a reliable partner, with quality of service, technical advice and we establish a balanced cost/value relationship in the service we provide. Combining innovative solutions and setting high quality standards is our goal.


We guide our work by values that allow us, since 2009, to be in the market with pride. Since its foundation Clima Positivo marks its action by strong honest values that we will always carry throughout our journey. We are rigorous in the projects we develop, careful with our customers, committed to the contracted works and their realization. We are looking for the best sustainability solutions for the next generations.


We are a dynamic team, multidisciplinary, with specialized technicians and prepared for the different tasks. Nowadays Clima Positivo has 18 employees and has permanent teams in Portugal and France. Focused on satisfying and meeting the needs of our customers, we make sure that each project has specialized technicians, prepared for all the different areas of action, ensuring the full monitoring of the entire process in all the different areas, from project to installation. We guarantee technical assistance and maintenance.